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Larry Mullen Jr.

Craig grew up in Porirua, a small town north of Wellington, New Zealand, and started drumming aged 11. At the age of 14 was given his first proper drum kit and would spend endless amounts of hours in the basement playing to old Shadows & Beatles records. Around 1992 he was given a tape of songs to learn which included 4 U2 Songs. Whilst he was familiar with who the band were, he was not at this stage a die-hard fan. However, upon hearing the live version of Pride (In the name of Love), he was hooked on the drumming style of Larry Mullen Junior and in particular, the use of a second floor tom.

From that point onwards he became a die-hard fan of U2 music and dreamt for many years of starting his own U2 tribute band. Upon moving to Melbourne in 2001, he auditioned for and joined The U2 Show Achtung Baby in August 2004 and has been a primary member ever since. Craig’s “musical journey” over the last many years has fulfilled every wish he’s ever had. He is able to replicate Larry Mullen Jr’s drumming style with precision and accuracy, and his aim is to ensure the drumming is presented to audiences in the most authentic manner.

Craig’s other musical interests include Coldplay as well as Canadian Rock Trio Rush!