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Adam Clayton

David fell in love with music at the age of 13 and bought his first bass guitar at the age of 14.

Thanks to his older brothers and their taste in music, David was always surround by the sounds of bands such as U2, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors to name a few.

U2’s With Or Without You was the first song he learnt on the bass guitar, and his love affair with U2’s music took off from there.

David and fellow school friends formed a cover band at the age of 14 and were on stage performing by the age of 15. From the years of 18 to 22 David performed in various original projects, composing and performing around Melbourne.

At the age of 24 David found an ad in the newspaper by fellow U2AB member Peter Kalamaras who was advertising to start a U2 tribute show and he jumped at the chance.

Since then David, along with other fellow band members, has taken the role of booking shows and dealing with agents, promoters, venue management and event organisers for The U2 Show Achtung Baby to bring the show where it has come to today.

David takes much pride in emulating his part in the show, through accurate costuming as well as using the same musical gear as Adam Clayton. He believes this is the only way to recreate the look as well as the bass sound of U2. We’re confident the army of U2AB fans would totally agree with him.