Photo Credit: Darren Zammit
AUSTRALIAN U2 fans can catch the Irish super group’s The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, albeit a tribute version.

Melbourne’s The U2 Show Achtung Baby will perform their own version of the tour to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the chart-topping The Joshua Tree album.

Released on March 9, 1987, the record catapulted U2 to rock stardom when it charted at No. 1 in a string of countries and produced singles such as Where the Streets Have No NameI Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, and With Or Without You.

The U2 Show Achtung Baby singer Michael Cavallaro (Bono), guitarist Peter Kalamaras (The Edge), bass player David Attard (Adam Clayton) and drummer Craig Jupp (Larry Mullen Jr) will play the entire album, plus a greatest hits package.

Cavallaro, who portrays U2’s frontman on stage, can still remember the first time he heard The Joshua Tree.

“(I was) 16 years old sitting by the tennis courts at high school when a friend gave me a copy and suggested I give it a listen,” he said. “I still remember it vividly.

“When I heard those songs, I was mesmerised, especially those harmonica parts on Running To Stand Still and Trip Through Your Wires. Those songs speak volumes of the political situation then, and also paints a very vivid picture of what U2 were immersed in during that era — Americana.”

The show will be at the Yarraville Club, 135 Stephen St, on Saturday, May 6, at 8pm.

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