Bono - Michael Cavallaro
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Michael has been performing in various bands since 1998, and has always been a passionate U2 fan. He first got into U2 at the tender age of 8, upon seeing the video clip of New Years Day on local Saturday morning music program. To him, it was the kind of sound he’d never heard before and he wanted to hear more. Always a singer, Michaels’ progression from writing original music to being a front man portraying one of history’s greatest rock vocalists was an easy choice to make.

His singing voice, Bono like falsetto, and love for the U2 back catalogue ultimately is what landed him the gig.

Well know to have an eye (and ear) for detail, Michael’s custom made costumes are so realistic that any die hard U2 fan would have a hard time distinguishing between his, and Bono’s (mainly) leather wardrobe. He’s also always seen on stage in the same branded sunglasses as Bono himself.

Michael’s musical influences are U2, The Doors, Del Amitri, INXS, and among many others, Chris Isaak.

Michael’s favourite part of being in an internationally touring U2 tribute band is firstly, the crowd. They are THE reason he loves getting up on stage night after night. Having the opportunity to sing the songs – that millions of people over the world enjoy some kind of connection to –  is an added bonus. But the challenge of singing songs that real Bono himself no longer does, (such as Red Hill Mining Town off The Joshua Tree album), is something that really excites him. Reviews such as this one (below) drive him to constantly work at improving his craft.

“Michael Cavallaro – your knowledge of Bono’s moves, tone of voice, accent and mannerisms is kind of freaky! Like you were one of us obsessed females in the 1980’s recording their film clips (on VHS) when Rage had a U2 special on… then watching them over and over again…until the tape broke!” L. KING, SYDNEY