The Edge - Peter Kalamaras
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The Edge

Peter was 12 years of age when he first heard U2’s ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’, and was blown away by the guitar sounds of U2’s guitarist “The Edge”. Instantly he was intrigued with just how a guitar could be made to sound in such a way, and so his 30 plus years love affair with Edge’s guitar sounds began.

In early 2003 Peter decided to start a U2 tribute show which since then, has gone from strength to strength touring nationally, and internationally.

What Peter really loves about U2’s music is the bands ability to reach out, and communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s the glue that holds all U2 fans together. Music – as far as Peter is concerned –  has always been a great way to unite people, a great way to celebrate and a universal form of expression. It’s an escape, allowing people liberation (albeit temporarily) from their daily routines.