Many of us were hoping that U2 would announce a second Melbourne show. Sadly, we’re now certain that this won’t happen. Therefore, due to HIGH DEMAND, and to fill the U2 concert void, we will be doing a “U2 Ain’t Doing It So Why Can’t We? Show” at Australia’s best Irish pub P.J.O’Brien’s Melbourne, November 16, 2019. If you happen to be in Melbourne on that weekend, why not come along and re-live U2’s 2019 tour with all the greatest hits you’ve come to expect from our show?

Considering this is the night AFTER the only Melbourne U2 concert, the city will be full of U2 fans with nowhere to go. Members of U2 – being supportive of tribute acts – have previously turned up to shows and joined such artists on stage. Could this happen on November the 16th?? Who knows, only time will tell. To be sure, make sure to come along. This will be the biggest U2 “day after” party in Melbourne!


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