We’re now 7 days back from a cracking weekend of gigs in Sydney and Newcastle! We’re all still high with the excitement of being able to entertain you with our “Achtung Baby Album Show”. Being given the opportunity to come back to both cities (after a number of years) to play songs such as “UltraViolet”, “So Cruel” and “Love Is Blindness” was for us, a truly exhilarating experience.

Mr. MacPhisto was pleased to have attended both shows. He even mentioned that being back in New South Wales was “worth the grief that came with wearing those heels”. Although we’re still not sure how he got home, in part thanks to a short tempered taxi receptionist.

We’re humbled to have read the reviews, and the requests to both venues to re-book the show. The desire for many of you to travel interstate has highlighted that our passion for U2 resonates loudly with fans. For this, we are grateful. We put countless hours of work into our show, but without those of you who support our band our show would not exist. When we see YOUR faces as we walk onto the stage, it inspires us to do the best version of U2 that we possibly can.

Thank you again Sydney and Newcastle. Looking forward to seeing you all in the not to distant future.

Michael, Peter, David and Craig.

Many thanks to Sean Stark at GetSnaped for letting us use his beautiful photographs.